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"PitchMetrics is just awsome, from the first week we were able to build our network with suppliers outside the United States, and expand rapidly"

Andrew Gough
CEO at Detroit Automotive


A better way to deliver Pitch

Reach out to potential prospects via Email. Our system makes sure your emails are not marked as spam. We constantly monitor and deliver results.

Global Data with Advance filter

Search, filter, and identify leads based on 16+ data points and fields

No hidden fees

There are no hidden fees of any kind, the singup process is simple, get in touch will us and our team will assist you with onboarding

Advance Pitch Assistance

Based on our historical data our team can assist you which type of pitch works and how to increase your chances of success

Advance dashboard

Monitor the realtime progress of your campaign and get daily feedback on how to perform better.

Our Expertise

We make finding your next lead easy. Contact startups that are looking to outsource, looking to partner, or use our engine to connect with relevent investors in your industry.


We help find new leads and close deals faster, Sales team around the globe loves us as we reduce cost and accelerate growth.

Fund Raising

Startups use our Pitch Engine with Data Room to connect with VC funds, individual investors, and private equity firms to identify possible opportunities.

Startup Networking

Our startup clients use our platform to find recently funded companies for partnerships and sales.

Save Time &
Grow rapidy with us

Get access to our data room and expand your reach. Connnect with investors or founders who are most likely to do business with you.

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Let's Make Email Pitch Easy

Pitch Metrics helps you to reach out to people of your interests. Companies of all sizes use our services to raise funds, build a sales funnel, and market their products

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Frequently asked questions

What are common use cases for PitchMetrics?

Companies of all sizes use our Pitch Engine to reach out to relevant people, Our platform is commonly used to raise funds and for reaching out to potential leads

What do you mean by Pitch Assistance?

Our platform monitors and tracks the progress of your campaign based on the goal of the campaign, Our AI/ML-based pitch analyzer gives you suggestions on your Pitch

How do we make sure that emails are not landing in spam?

Before onboarding each campain our platform runs a series of email tests on your domain name and our team implements some of those suggestions to make sure, your emails always land in the right place.

Does PitchMetrics provide a discount to nonprofits?

Yes, Non-Profits are eligible for upto a 40% discount.